Sell to Us

Buying and Trading Criteria

Textbooks and Magazines (granted they are not vintage magazines) we can buy throughout the week. Most people just bring in what they have and we pay/trade for what we can use and the rest we either recycle for them or they take them back. When we recycle books we put them on the 35 cent rack outside for people to pick up cheap reading material. The magazines go straight to recycling.

Trade is 50% higher than the cash value (i.e.: $1.00 cash = $1.50 in credit). Credit slips do not have an expiration date. Many people sell us magazines regularly and accumulate the credit and pick up something they really like. You can also do partial trade and partial cash.


We buy most anything sold on the newsstands, foreign titles and obscure/underground titles. Generally we pay 20 cents cash/30 in-store credit for current issue magazines, and 10 cents cash/15 credit for past issues. For magazines that have a higher cover price and that we mark up in value, we offer a bit more. Unfortunately it’s difficult to tell you what we buy and for how far back as each title is different.


Paperbacks- UP TO $1.00 cash/$1.50 credit, depending on condition, genre and title. Popular Titles/Authors/Genre we pay more for (i.e.: Bukowski, William S. Burroughs, Kerouac, Hunter S. Thompson, Phillip K. Dick, Science, History….)

Hardbacks- Hardbacks are generally 1.00-2.00 dollars each. Of course, art books, popular titles/authors and specialty books have their own range.

Bulk- Certain books that we can’t pick up for the store we’ll pick up in bulk (i.e.: romance, assortment of mystery or sci-fi/fantasy, etc.) We generally pay between $2.00 a bag and $4.00 to $10.00 a box, depending on size. These are put on our bargain racks.

WE DO NOT BUY: Romance, Self-Help, Reader’s Digest Condensed Editions and most Book Club editions.