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  1. So sorry to hear about you losing the lease. The bookstore’s original owner George Cameron was my grandpa. My mum was telling me recently how this happened once when he still owned the store. The cost of the lease where he was went up and the store had to move. I live in Liverpool, UK, and cant get over there to visit, but will follow your progress and hope that everything works out for you…..

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  2. So sad to learn of this closure. I feel a connection to this space and the magical Portland of yesteryear; books, vice, mosh pits, revolutionaries and slinging hash in platforms. I missed your deadline, but hope you land somewhere else.

    Have an extra newspaper clipping I can spare- My brother Max- an Obit that highlights his love of books and collecting. Would like you to have it.

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    Thank you, Lisa for sharing your story and support- thoughtful and generous of you to take the time to peek in on us and The Ol’ Broad. Always a treat to hear from or have a visit from our Extended Cameron’s Books’ Family! Pleased to say it’s 2020 and we have just entered our 82nd year; just eighteen more years till our centennial!

    Next you are in town, come hunt us down and we can trade stories after we close shop for the day.

    Crystal Zingsheim
    Cameron’s Books & Magazines, EST. 1938


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